Oxygen Absorbers in the curing process, theories and some anecdotal data.


Ourselves and some friends have been testing different oxygen absorbers at different times in the curing process. One of our clients, Integra, manufactures an iron-free version of these.

Our inital goal was to explore terpene preservation and color preservation.

Oxygen is probably important to the curing process. Terpenes are likely being oxidized. Myrcene turning into Hashishene is a potential example.

After the cannabis is at the desired moisture level and oxidation level, "Ripe", we have been adding oxygen absorbers.

The lid of the mason jar sucks down and is difficult to get off. It stops working after you open the jar a couple times. So it is not something that is good for cannabis you are currently smoking. Better for long term storage.

It definitley extends the shelf life of the cannabis. Prevents the stale weed flavor. We have some tests going past 6 months.

We are starting some long term stability tests in 2020, if anyone wants to take part PM me and I can send you some packs.

Our main concerns are:
- Particulate from the packs getting onto the flower (Iron filings, Vitamin C, or other material)
- The offgassing of hyrdogen or other acid gases
- Botullin Toxin (cannabis moisture levels/water activity safety have not been established)
- How long until a non-oxygen factor degrades the material

One thing is certain, a mason jar, patience, and good cannabis is all that is necessary to store cured material. If its possible to add one more degree of safety or quality at scale, that would be worth it for us.

We have some other ideas involving finishing drying with desiccants and O2 absorbers, but thats for a different thread :-)
If all you care about is terpene preservation, get out of the weed game and grow essential oils.

Natural Cannabis needs oxygen to cure. Nothing is being preserved, its being created, by oxygen and enzyme.

Allicin for example is the product of
alliinase acting on alliin. When allicin breaks down it forms new sulphides. Thats why fancy restaurants shops for craft garlic production rather than buying a plastic bottle of synthetic "garlicanene" to spray on their plates

None of that conversion of sugars and acids is going to happen in a freezer locked down with oxygen absorbers and humidi packs.

We're talking 2 different types of weed here and that potpourri terpene shit doesn't even count as natural weed so why even fucking mention it. It gets worse with time? Yeah, that ain't natural weed, its bullshit with a bunch of gadgetry being sold to convince shitty hydro growers the bud they grow is "dank". .