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Panama poison, snow high seeds says as follows:
The Durban Poison female in the Panama Poison was the last girl standing from a selection of 13
plants. This Durban Poison line was originally from friends of friends who are from South Africa
and deeply in the scene, many thanks to my friends in S.A. Unfortunately this Durban Poison line
was deeply affected with intersex traits and I culled all the other plants, some right away and
some months later once identified. Knowing the line had these issues I started treating this plant
worse than other plants hoping it would show issues. It never did so I decided to keep it. This
Durban Poison line had been tested by the person I got it from and reported THC levels that were
in the high 28% THC to low 32%. Many of the other phenotypes of the Durban in this line had
purple traits in the stems/petioles with some red shades as well.
Explanation of the Panama Red side: At one time Panama was part of Colombia, until it broke
away and the United States built the Panama Canal in the same place where the French failed in
their attempt at building the canal. The Indigenous Kuna, Arawak and Taino tribes of the Isthmus
of Panama and islands of the Caribbean were smoking firebrands called “tobacos” basically
blunts with happy herb that made them laugh and finally sleep. The red varieties most likely came
over during transatlantic voyage from Africa from the times before the last ice age, the early
Phoenicians and other oceanic travelers as recent as the slave trade and bringing in central
Africans who brought seeds with them. West and Central African varietals which popped up later
in Brazil as Aracaju Red, Manga Rosa, Colombian Red or Punto Rojo, was grown in the upper
portion of Gran Colombia before Panama separated into its own country. The varieties which grew
in the jungles adapted and created more resins to ward off pests and protect from the sun’s
intense solar radiation. Some of these lines after many years growing produced roots with barbs
for protection one would assume in the jungle environment.
The male Panama Red was selected from several males from 3 different Panama Red lines from
different sources grown out from the 2016 season projects. This male exhibited strong or
appealing odor from stem rubs, had red stems and petioles, as well as red sepals, a good sign for
passing color down to progeny. The male had excellent branching and formed tight male sepal
clusters, aggressive growth and height needed to be controlled with repotting technique or be
aware that it can get large, so tying plants down or topping can be done with minimal stress, LST
is always optimal though versus topping.
To give one an idea what the male Panama Red imparts to the Panama Poison other phenotypes
from the females in the males Panama Red line can be described as following: heirloom
Panamanian which has very good resin production, turns blue, red, green, purple and the leaves
mature to a yellow or bright yellow which is striking in contrast to the rest of the flowers. Being an
equatorial line, flowering is induced with 13 & ½ hours of darkness at least if growing indoors. The
aromas of these phenotypes range from a delicious berry candy gum aroma to a luxurious spicy
to citrus without a sweet note or candy gum. The smoke is exotic and smooth, energetic at first
with some power. The longer the cure the more profound the smells and tastes will become though
unlike some harsh landraces when first harvested its good with a light drying period. The
intensity increases with the cure and the effects are profound and luxurious.
The Panama Poison floral clusters are descent sized floral clusters about the size when dried of
shot gun slugs, slightly firm, heavier yielding than the Panama Red Hair line. Resin production is
good to heavy and shades of color pass over from the Panama Red side as well as some of the
flavors and pungency from the Durban Poison making this a good balance of the parents. The
Durban Poison side speeds up the flower time of the excessively long Panama Red flower time
but this is not a fast flowering line by any means.
This is not a strain for beginners or for people that don’t have patience and even then one should
freshen up on what it takes to grow a strain that can take 12-16 weeks of flowering at least,
sometimes 20 weeks or more. Please read up in the SnowHigh forums on how to grow from seed
to flower for guidance and germination protocol. If you want something fast and easy this is not
the strain for you. ** LIMITED RELEASE**
Flower time range 14-20 weeks+
Stretch 1 to 3x
Resin production: moderate to high
Odor: 8
Aroma: Bubble Yum original and grape, pungent terpentine, grapefruit rind
Potency: 9
Pure Landrace Heirloom

One of my strains I'm working around, bring the clandestine genes back to the gene pool


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