PAX 3 Vaporizer Review: Is It The Best Vape On The Market?

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Pax 2 doesnt hold a candle to the 3 as far as the hits go, I like a strong hit where you blow smoke/vapor out. I had a pax 3 break, went and bought another because I didnt want to wait on the warranty process. I havent smoked anything in years, only use the vape because of taste mostly. Going back to taking a puff of any joint or blunt tastes like an ash tray.

I bought the concentrate setup and wasnt that pleased with it, tastes/the hit is perfect but cleaning it basically daily sucks.

I wouldnt even look in the +$100 section at dry herb vapes, ive bought a couple, spend the money on the pax 3 or the S&B mighty IMO


I too, have a PAX3. Love it. I also bought a Mighty. My wife and I primarily use the Mighty. But, when I golf or trout fish, I take the PAX3.

Can't go wrong with either, just depends on your
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