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I want to build the perfect micro CFL growbox. I will be using Rubbermaid bins (24x16x16.5in). Two conputer fans, one intake one outake, preferable rigged together as one electrical unit, and mounted in the side of the box. I will use CFLS with an aluminum duct reflector.

is organic soil the best? if not what should I use?
best CFLs? fat dense buds?
light cycle?
watering!! (how often would they need water, Im scared to starve/drown)
smell? carbon filter?
should i SCROG?
what strain?
hoping to start 8-10 plants, and keep the 6-8 best.


Organic or not is based on preference.
Nutes, do some research there, see what you can get at your local growshop.
CFLs: 6500k for vegging, 2700k for flowering, get 26w and up
Light cycle: 24/0 or 18/6 during seedling 18/6 veg, 12/12 flower
Watering: Depends, generally every other day
SCROG: not suggested for first grow, you will likely have a hard time doing it
Strain: personal preference, go on a seed bank site and research.
6-8 plants will get very crowded in that box.

I highly suggest you do some research before growing, it seems you have limited knowledge (no offense), just spend a few days going through other peoples grow journals, also post a pic of your set up once you've made it and the rest of us can hopefully help
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