Pest eating my seedlings, but not the kind you think

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Hey so this is weird as shit and I’m wondering if this is a real thing. I sprouted a few auto outside because the end of hell in Phoenix is almost over and I want a few autos to finish before it gets slightly chilly in December. I usually throw a plastic done over until they pop. The last few attempts I’ve had something just completely eat them up whole. I’m up to 5 seedlings gone so far (you can do the math on that). Anyway I’m thinking rat or mouse so I set a newer black trap up where I grow with some cat food cuz city rats love dog and cat food. Next day the food is gone but it didn’t trigger the trap. So I’m thinking it’s a small mouse and I go buy some tiny mouse traps that trigger easier. I go check them tonight and the food is gone but nothing triggered! Wtf! I’m looking around and I see a common city cricket walking around with a fucking giant piece of cat food throwing me the bird. Imagine seeing that stoned AF! Like wtf, do crickets dine on sprouts?!?!?
I don’t even know what to do. I always spout in final destination because I fail hardcore when I transplant. Monsoon just ended so everything is super wet and the bugs are going crazy. I don’t know how I’m going to keep crickets away from my sprouts. I’m not using poison, it’s not allowed anywhere in my garden. Maybe just put a 5 gallon bucket over it at sunset? Crickets dig under that shit too so I don’t know if that will even work. If anyone has a idea please hit me back. Sighs


Sticky traps all around the sprouts


Maybe try some surface spray such as raid and spray surfaces around plant..there should b quite a few baits or sprays available to combat this problem..
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