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atomic punk

Here I go again same story different day, I haven't grown since spring I quit for awhile because of bugs I tore everything down built a new smaller room & finally started again I purchased some clones GSC a diff wif,i SFv og ( they had root aphids) I grew out my Master Kush and Cali Connec GSC in perfect form no bugs. Foolishly I talked to and got 1 Girl Scout Cookie clone from a collective in L.A. supposed to be from original creator from San Fran. It had Broad Mites, I found them infested on this one plant it was ruined and much further advanced than the others, the immediate surrounding plants had them very bad too. I killed a couple of those too after 2 weeks in flower they had extremely light growing tips & buds with absolutely no white hairs/pistles at all, you could see they were literally eaten down to the nub, upon closer inspection I found extremely small white very slow moving bugs on the leaves especially in small colonies right where the stamen is attatched to the leaves and down in the growing bud/new leaves. as you can see I have salvaged my girls.
Here,s how, before giving up on them and killing them all I called around I talked to an owner of a collective in San Diego Ca. he said that in the past he used neem oil to spray the plants which i did for 2 weeks upon advice from one of the farm members (was told on good advise it would/could change the flavor of the smoke) moved to mighty wash the real difference is I believe is this, I have HOT SHOTS in the room can purchase them for $7.95 at Lowes or Home Depot he said he used them once through the full floweer stage and upon harvest had burnt and fresh specimens fully tested with no carcenegens found. I always use CAPS BENNIES now (Ibrew a tea about 4 hours) I have not had one flyer not a one this time around I don't like to use poison. I am very worried for my families sake about the HOT SHOTS I showed pics of the plants that were closest to the severely infected Plants. As you can see I butchered an extreme amount of plate leaves (Ifelt I had to) but these girls stink to the high heavens and all are fairly covered in trichromes although a bit smaller than I would like the spraying has affected the white Pistles.I hope you farmers enjoy the same old story same old song and dance. I have thousands of beans as old as 30+ years all over 15 yrs old and numerous crosses I have as well time to start from scratch I don't know if I can ever trust an outside source again, for over 1 1/2 years I thought this was easy.

Start with right below unknow GSC center Poison OG behind her 2nd plant from bottom right is my own X Lemon Alien Dog (I have over 10 different crosses with 2 LAD males) male Strawberry Diesel Mom surrounded by Wifi"s
White Master bug just below 38 days into flower Super Skunk Plant and bud 38 days into flower just below the White Master Pic. below these White Master & Super Skunk side by side
White Master 38 days into flower just below this picMichael Phelps OG 38 days into flower
Michael Phelps OG
Pic just below looks healthy, Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookies, plant 2 weeks into flower with Broad mites (again notice very light growing tips) this one was further away from the infected Collective GSC
Master Kush Bud 38 days into flower
Cherry Pie bud 38 days into flower, Cherry Pie plant 38 days into flower right below this pic Master Kush 38 days into flower right below Cherry Pie Plant pic
White Master 2 weeks in flower, white hairs/pistles eaten eaten by broad mites
[[New Lights I made there are 6, 60 watt bulbs (use 14 watts each, 84 watts total) plants are growing fairly short with close nodes (what I was hoping for) while saving electricity,cost Less than $50 Below this pic GSC PURCHASED AT A COLLECTIVE IN STUDIO CITY L.A. INFECTED WITH BROAD MITES, notice the very light green growing tip this is indicative of this severest of pests.

that a
Pic below this Girl Scout Cookie behind her Poison Og, 2nd plant from bottom right my own X Lemon Alien Dog Male,Strawberry Diesel female , surrounding them WIFI

atomic punk

Cherry pie looks DANK

Thanks slow, She didn't have the largest of buds but she's sweet and greasy. I am fortunate to have this site and so many great people to learn from. I cut all the above 2 days after these pics they were done they had nothing more left to give.

atomic punk

Here's some more pics o.f a couple more Master Kush girls pics taken and cut at 49 days hashy smell very resinous. I believe because of their genetic background not as severely affected by the mites as some other strains.
When i saw a small gang of mites on one small leaf, I went nuts and stripped all of my girls, I rather it had been for pleasure I wish I hadn't freaked but having heard about and seen decimated crops from Broad Mites and Spider mites here at the farm I thought I was doomed.

I have to say again I swear the hotshots killed all of them. Get them from from Home depot or Lowes $7.95 each I was also told will wipe out Spider Mites in as little as 5 to 6 days. I absolutely believe these hotshots can save your crop but will they leave a poisened bud legacy. I guess I'll let the community here know soon enough.
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atomic punk

The girls are looking nice and frosty Atomic Punk

Thanks Blazer, I decided to let the phelps go awhile longer she's still got a little more left in her I have a few more cali connectilon GSC's to roll out soon I hope they turn out ok.

atomic punk

Great photos, Atomic Punk. That last is a winner!

Thanks yellow normally my girls should be yellowing but I cook a strong Nitrogen rich tea with caps bennies, alfalfa, Earth worm castings and briar rabbit mollasses Now I only cook it (in air bubbles) for 2 to 4 hours I

atomic punk

I have a few more girls to show this girl is a Hawaiian Bubba from one seed from a collective, she is straight up female no hermi, she is a true keeper I've run her a few times, she smells like cooked sirloin steak but smells so sweet.

She is one of only a couple I have left from my stock. I have the very few elsewhere and am reluctant to bring them here until I am sure I don't have bugs anymore.

She was 1 of 2 extra my partner had left over. every other girl in this run were from collectives all were teens and I wasn't able to manipulate structure as much as I would have liked. All other pics in this grow are from unknown unproven genetics, all in all I'm very happy with the end results from this run.

My camera takes fair close ups but I can't seem to get any other pictures to look great, hope you enjoy my latest additions more to come.

Hawaiian Bubba
A few tops rock solid nugs
[Deep Purples Burn album was always one of my favorite albums
[ deep purple burn

atomic punk

Here's a Cali Connection Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie pheno 1 of 2 I have, it it smells like nothing I've smelled it does have a minty smell. I asked my daughter (25) what it smelled like and after a short conversation we agreed it smells like cookies this is a very frosty heavy plant I think she'll be good.

Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookie

[ bud pic changed color spectrum on a couple pics
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