Phlizon 4.20 Giveaway! - FD8000 1000W



Apple butter cup x Northern dream i created under the 4x4 tent would be an amazing opportunity to grow maybe with this mew light in my 4x6 grow tent and show all what #phlizon420 has to offer to be an influencer and winning this giveaway to work with you guys would be an amazing opportunity i would absolutely love to show the great quality and proformance this beast of a light has to offer the to show everyone that vivosun has a grow light for everyone from big to small and that that they are always releasing new products so that the community can have absolutely everything you would needed to grow and take care of a plant anyways looking forward to seeing what happens from here but all i can say is best of luck to everyone competing in this amazing giveaway cheers and have a blessed week #phlizon420 @PhlizonGrowLight
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well im about to end one grow and and start a new one i got some free greenleaf nutrients to try i just need a new light to go alone with it

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