Phlizon August Giveaway - Phlizon FD8000 1000W



I have seen this brand before, but never thought it would be in my price range. I would love to do a diary on the FD6000, I am sure it would beat my current off brand LEDs.
I'm ready to see the light! (I received my grow glasses yesterday 😀)


Also, 【Phlizon August Giveaway】Round Two would start on August 20, which light you prefer to be the prize?
The Phlizon PH-B10-D 800w looks like it would make a good prize. A great light for any 3x3-5x5 tent setup.

And for those who don't win one, it's decently priced for an 800w LED... if Phlizon's are any good.



I have been checking out the FD6000 light for my 4x6 light untill I seen this fd8000 than al eyes went too that light and how great it would go in my tent and than I came across this amazing giveaway so all I can say is thank you #phlizon @PhlizonGrowLight and hope maybe I’ll be the lucky one to test out this amazing light


Those Photomatix are expensive as hell
How u like em?
Sorry for getting back late your comment got lost in all the others I'm loving them dis some comparison against photontek and honestly a big thing that sounds crazy and far fetch but what blackdog leds go on about is the difference in trichome production and how the plants grow under there spectrum and seems to prove what there saying with the gelato I ran in both setups under both circumstances I'm running another test but in reverse one I grew under photontek first a new strain and gonna use the same cutting and parameters and grow under black dog could either buy a phytomax-2 1000 or photontek 1000watt c02 FOR THE EXACT SAME PRICE LOL
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This was a "poor man's grow" I have a super small apt with basement is packed with storage stuff... as for the leaves on the ground at the time of these pics... I was super excited and took pics before shop vac ING....
I'm just talkin shit bro, I tend to be a little too meticulous!


👉Phlizon August giveaway here! Phlizon's first giveaway is here! Don't miss it!!

👏👏Easy to participate:
1. Leave the comment with the Phlizon light you are interested in or you are using, with the hashtag #phlizon
2. The winner is required to share a grow diary

Prize: 🥳
FD8000 1000W LED Grow Light
🌿1000W full-spectrum
🌿0-10V dimming
🌿daisy chain function
🌿foldable style, no need installing

The winner will be randomly picked on August 10th and announced!!!!

PS. Extra 8% OFF discount code "PHTHCFARMER8" to get the best price!
Click the link to get one:
Phlizon US store:
Phlizon UK store:
Phlizon CA store:

Good luck! 👊View attachment 1268180
this is a amazing light id love to usee wow super powerful and nice looking.#philzon really went on allimb this time id love tto use this llight on my brand new you tube channel @Npk420 you tube.i need subscribers asap so i can get a sponser like #philzon

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