Phlizon August Giveaway Round2 - Phlizon FD6000-O 640W

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How many Amps does this model pull?
Not listed on your website. USA electrical specs.

What is the Lux rating of this model?
Yes, I know Lux is less useful than PAR. Just curious about the Lux value.

Does it ship in a plain cardboard box?
Other people don't need to know what is inside.
If not, you might as well print THIS DUDE GROWS WEED on the box.

Really need to know how many Amps this thing pulls. Answering the other questions would be nice too. I'm trying to buy one. Not win a free one.



👏 👏 Phlizon August giveaway Round2 here! Don't miss it!!

👉👉Easy to participate:
1. Question: How many LED chips does the FD6000-O has?
2. Answer the question & Leave your country in the comment with the hashtag #phlizon
3. The winner is required to share a grow diary

FD6000-O 640W LED Grow Light
  • 640W full-spectrum
  • 0-10V daisy chain dimming
  • Samsung LM281B + OSRAM Red LED • Inventronics Driver
  • foldable style, no need to installing

👊👊The winner will be randomly picked on August 31 and announced!!!!

PS. Extra 8% OFF discount code "PHTHCFARMER8" to get the best price!
Click the link to get one:
Phlizon US store:
Phlizon UK store:
Phlizon CA store:

Good luck!
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