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make sure you don't over water
increase light with each stage of growth
make sure you have adequate pot size for proper root development
monitor health of plant, leaves tell all
be patient, trichomes will let you know when done


Really cool giveaway y'all. Some lucky grower is gonna get a mighty fine light. I guess this gives me a chance to impart some of my 2 and a half decades worth of cannabis grow knowledge. So here goes a real valuable technique I came up with a long time ago after fighting mold when I took a clone in. This is what I been doing after some research on mold and how it thrives .
After you harvest and you have an empty tent, before cleaning it out, close off all exhaust capabilities and seal the tent up. Then, turn your light up full blast. Close your tent up for 24-48 hours and let that baby cook! The idea is to get the grow space as hot as possible, without breaking anything lol. I can reach temps up wards of 180-220 degrees fahrenheit with my HPS light. That will completely kill off any lingering mold spores, bugs, diseases and most issues that plague cannabis. You should still clean your grow tent out and wipe it down with alcohol but doing this after each harvest really does help keep anything unwanted out and most importantly, kills mold spores. Hopefully this helps some growers out. ✌🏻


Hey gentlemen and ladies

my best tip I can offer as a novice grower is n.p.k know what plant genes like what…even when I felt like I was completely butchering my plants long as I knew what makes them happy like cake make me happy I can always go through trail and error lights are so important but also giving your plants what they need to thrive and become bud busters down the line learn n.p.k ….also dont be a over authusiastic prunper let them bush out a lil


My tip: Plants grow just fine in nature without any human interaction. We are what complicates growing them. Light and water is really all you need to grow weed.


Hi Everyone! Phlizon Black Friday is going on, and it is time to update your growing! Come to get your Phlizon grow lights with the price lowest to 30% off, from Nov.15th-27th. 👏 👏 👏

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And let us have the Black Friday Giveaway!🥳

👉Easy to participate:
🍃1. Share your grow tips
🍃2. The winner will be announced on NOV.27TH
🍃3. Winner is required to share the grow diaries

Prize: 1pcs FD7500 720W Samsung 301B Grow Light

2.9 µmol/J
Coverage: Flower Coverage: 5′X5′, Veg Coverage:6′X6′
Dimensions: 41.7" x3" x35.7"
Input Voltage: 100-277V
Actual Power Consumption: 720W±5%
Lifetime: 50 000 Hrs
Built-in Driver: UL Listed Waterproof Driver
Spectrum: Full-spectrum
Daisy Chain Dimmable: OFF-0-20%-40%-60%-80%-100% with 0-10V Light
Dimmer (Included)
LED Distribution:

1440pcs 3000k Samsung 301B LEDs
360pcs 6500k Samsung 301B LEDs
48pcs 660nm Osram LEDs
12pcs 740nm Osram IR LEDs

Good Luck! Thank you to your support to Phlizon! If any questions just email us at [email protected]

PHLIZON brings high-quality, affordable, reliable LED grow lights for growers.

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Awesome giveaway @phlizon growtip don't overwater your seedlings. That is the quickest way to end your


I have not tested this myself, but i would say grow in hydroponics. It seems to be so less messy when it comes to attending the plants. Manual watering is a tidious task and automatic watering can be a bitch to get right, especially if there is alot of lime in the water. Making those pipes and nipples especially to get cloughed up.

Something like this might be the perfect setup.



Seedlings need lots of moisture so a dome is ideal, and minimal light. In veg you can increase the light little by little and remove the dome. In flower start giving bloom nutes and reduce your nitrogen after the stretch. Harvest to your desire between cloudy and amber heads on the trichomes. Dry until the stems snap and cure in a cool dark area. Burp daily. A hygrometer helps. Burping reduces the longer in cure.

Flower tent day 20
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Thanks #phlizon for this sweet giveaway.

Grow tips:
Buckets... Cheap buckets (2 and 5 gal) are great platforms to raise your plants closer to the light to hit that ppfd you need to meet your target DLI.

Oh and another one if you have well water or high alkalinity/pH water >8.0....if you don't prepare your water ahead of time and add acid with aeration, you could walk yourself into a corner with high bicarbonate buildup or high ph condition in your soil.


My grow tip # 1
ALWAYS take notes of what you are doing to each plant and when you do so . It’s always re assuring to know what’s been done with certainty not just guesssing roughly when it happened etc

Would love to upgrade my set up with a new light for my flower tent


Check the water you have at home, your municipality usually has the test results online.
Thank you for the giveaway @PhlizonGrowLight
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