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Is this done by swapping out the bloom/finish nute or together (could you give us a lil recipe or formula please)
There are a couple of teas that you can make with black strap molasses and or honey, usually a teaspoon to a gallon, it can be tricky tho, you can throw off ph if you are not careful, I actually stopped making my own and just started using fox farms “bembe” in concert with my normal nutrients. Shit makes a difference for sure.


man i'm just a hotdog
congrats homeslice !!!! instant karma for defending a grow diary i think :) keep it up and can't wait to see your diary


Thanks to all! for the very welcoming experience and tons of advice on the farm! A very special thanks from me to @PhlizonGrowLight for choosing me. i currently have 5 beans popped and my grow diary Goin down the rabbit hole is off to a good start. here are my ladies at day 8. seeds are from @QuestionPoint and are as follows, Super silver haze, Durban poison, and Tripicana grapefruit. I will definitely be using my light for these gals and im turning my shed into a grow room when my tax money hits lol 🤣. Thanks again for this humble experience.
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