Phlizon Grow Light: 8% off discount here! Thanks for the opportunity and would like to share you with anything about Phlizon LED Grow Light!

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PHLIZON is a direct-to-customer LED grow light manufacturer with more than four years of experience.

Perhaps this is your first time knowing about Phlizon or maybe you already know of PHLIZON from friends, family or other website reviews. Anyway, I am grateful you took the time to read this thread.
Please check our official stores below for more details:
👉US official store:
👉UK official store:
👉CA official store:

Also, we offer 8% OFF discount, to say thank you for visiting our store and also to reduce the price further for you. Please get the code: PHTHCFARMER8

Check our official website and let me know what light you prefer. August Giveaway is coming soon!😊 Any further questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]🤝

Phlizon led grow light


I have the Philzon FD 4500 and I really like the coverage in my 4x4 tent, want one for my 2x4 as well now. Cheers SS
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