Phlizon September Giveaway - PL4500 450W!



Well this is an awesome surprise to wake up to on a Saturday morning! Thank you @PhlizonGrowLight for the contest and I'm humbled to be the winner (with only one entry...I might add. And @Moe.Red, thanks for managing things here, the "herding cats" metaphor comes to mind.).

Thanks again, Phlizon, I'll be responding to your DM shortly.

Now the question is,, we'll see.
Congratulations bro and whatever you choose I’ll be excited to follow along the journal to see the quality the light brings out :)


🙌 Phlizon September giveaway coming! Don't miss it!!

👉Easy to participate:
1. Share your growing tips!
2. Leave your country in the comment with the hashtag #phlizon
3. The winner is required to share a grow diary

Phlizon PL4500 450W

0-10V Dimming
UV/IR Double Switches
450W Full-spectrum
Samsung 281b led

👏The winner will be randomly picked and announced on September 30!!!!

PS. Extra 8% OFF discount code "PHTHCFARMER8" to get the best price!
Click the link to get one:
Phlizon US store:
Phlizon UK store:
Phlizon CA store:

Good luck!
Stop looking for the highest thc strains start looking for other qualities that we’ve forgot about over time. The old school skunk for instance was only around 10% thc but had terps for days and a high that made your eyes burn.

Vesti Bule

Vesti Bule

【Phlizon September Giveaway】is Over!!! And the Winner is @Vesti Bule !!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks for all the love!!!

And the October Giveaway would come soon!
@PhlizonGrowLight - whenever it is convenient, would you mind letting me know you received my info? Thanks!
Vesti Bule

Vesti Bule

Package received yesterday, @PhlizonGrowLight, very fast delivery, and everything looks great. I'll get pics of the setup soon - I have a menagerie of things that are within a couple weeks of going into flower, and I'm looking forward to seeing what this light can do very soon!

Thanks again, and be well.
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