Phosphorus Deficiency or weather change?

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Hey all, I have 5 plants running in a 4x4 and my biggest ones is loving life.. or so I thought. Running Hid it’s very hard to see deficiency in your plants and I went a week without truly seeing them. They all looked great till I realize a purple tone on my leaves, this is on about 10-15% of the plants leaves and I’m wondering if it is a phosphorus deficiency or could it be due to my weather changes to intentially create purple. I’m not sure. It’s around 75-80 in the day and runs close to 60 at night. Plant is at start of week 2 flower.


I see nothing problematic. The slight canoe'ing hints at some heat that the plant is edgy about. If anything, I would reduce feeding. Yes, reduce. Your plants are fine, and nutes aren't food. The plant can only use them to the extent that light and CO2 are maxed.
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