Pink Kush:Grow & Smoke Report.

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Here's my report from the old site. Sorry the pics are lost.

Somebody said that my last Pink Kush report was part of the reason marijuana was still illegal. Having been shown my shocking role in the continued criminalization of cannabis I’ve decided to clean up my act and present my updated Pink Kush report in a clinical, scientific, and culturally aware manner. Yes lads and lassies, I’ve learned a valuable lesson and will endeavour in the future to only show marijuana usage in a socially responsible light. Also from a personal stand point I will now always be on my best behaviour. Read on confident in the fact that my spell check program has been set to Canadian. Furthermore there will be no smut or foul language. I promise.

Abbreviated Grow report.


10 beans received, 6 germinated.

Germination results are below average. Two of the three packs I received from RMS this order had below average germination rates. Bohdi Sativa being the exception, and Cherry Haze was actually a lot worse.

Vegetative Period,

Grown under 3, 50w T5 fluorescents an 18/6 light cycle was used. Total veg time was just under 60 days from seed. Pro-mix was the medium used to fill the 300ml pots. Pure Blend pro was fed to the plants once at 30 days and once at 50 days, fertilized at 800ppm both times. Plants were sprayed with seaweed extract once at 2ml per litre at approximately day 40 of veg. Plants were topped at approximately day 30, and were all placed into flower aprox 30 days later with two main stems 4 to 5 inches tall.

I might call these plants slightly slow to grow in veg but only slightly. Other than that no significant or unusual tendencies were noted during grow.


Plants grown under 1000w hps. CO2 levels were maintained at a constant 1400ppm during 12 hours of lights on.

Plants are placed into 3 gallon containers filled with Pro-Mix.

Pure Blend Fruit and Flower was used 5 times during flower at rates ranging from 800ppm to 1100ppm.

Aprox, day 7 of flower all plants are sexed 3 females and 3 males.

For my grow room this is below average but I don’t think anyone should complain about 50/50. Males are discarded.

Stretch/growth of plants while in flower is over 2.5 times the size when placed in flower, plants finish at 15 to 18 inches tall.

Week 4 of flower plants are sprayed with Purple Maxx at rates suggested on label.

By week 5 this plant is already encrusted in crystal.

By week 6 the plants are sparkling so much I’m having visions of snorting rails of Pink Kush Kief out of the greasy cleavage of a Portuguese street hooker. Soon, Nurlord, soon.

Aprox week 6 or 7 of flowering 2 of the 3 females seem to be taking rapid damage to their fan leaves. But the damage doesn’t really progress much. Plants seem normal otherwise.

Week 8 one plant has started to display purple colours. Maybe more a mauve, I have no idea what colour mauve is but I think it might apply here. This colour is visible on a small section of the upper bud and on the “sugar leaves” in this same area.

Week 8 pure water flush begins.

Day 65 or 66 skip watering.

Day 69 harvest. Trich heads 80% cloudy(I think I could have waited one more week but really who am I trying to impress here? One of you can wait the extra week and let me know how it goes.)

All three plants produced average to slightly above average yields. No significant issues when flowering.

Notes of interest:

Finished product is beautiful. Very light green buds when looked at up close but from even a slight distance the crystal coverage makes the plant look white or silver.

While one plant did produce some pink hairs later in flowering it like the other two finished with orange hairs. Brighter than average hairs but nothing like what I was hoping for. I really wanted some pink hairs.

Dry/Cure before smoking.

Aprox 5 days hanging. Aprox 3 days in Paper bags and then 3 days in jars.

Smoke Report

Method of smoking: Century Sam’s, Kulu Slims, Mushroom Pipe, wood pipe and, Yo Momma’s fake tittie…the left one.

Taste: Awesome. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s awesome. Stays on the tongue forever too.

Smokability: Very smooth going down but expansive on the way out. Like the saying goes. “If it’s Kush you’re going to cough”. Even a moderately big toke has me coughing.


The high is mostly body it may be all body as the head component is still kind of physical as your brain gets “lighter” in your skull. It’s not cerebral or consciousness expanding but more stress relieving. It’s closer to Advil than acid if you get my meaning.

The high really spreads throughout your body. You don’t want to move but your body isn’t heavy. It’s more like you’re not sure your limbs have any weight to them as the warmth spreads through your limbs. You ever end up outside of Boston watching a cock fight and some kid passes you a pipe that has like a quarter hit of damn good opium left in it? And the kid who passes you the pipe, his dad starts telling a story that begins, “Man the Opium we had in ‘Nam…” And you’re standing there thinking “What in the name of fornicating under the consent of the king am I doing here without a cotdamn sweater on?” That’s basically the feeling you get in your limbs.

As some of you are surely aware from my last report the Pink Kush had displayed some aphrodisiac qualities as less then 40 minutes after smoking it I had an honest and law abiding need to masturbate. I fought the desire off long enough to type up my last report but after that the breaks were off. Every time someone would leave the house I was ready for a dose of self abuse. Swim all you want little dolphin your still getting flogged. It was to the point where I was hearing that echo location sound dolphins make whenever I’d fire up my Windows Media Player for another round of Ass Worship 8. Strange thing how natural it is to hear the moans of soulless chicks accompanied by a chorus of dolphin song. I can’t help but think this is what Ancient Atlantis must have been like. Surely I can solve the riddle of the pyramids now.

I mean this stuff is like smoking the essence of vagina the way it hornifies your chakras. It doesn’t so much give you anymore staying power but it does put the spring back in your step in a way that only the finest of poon usually makes possible.

I highly recommend Pink Kush to those of you who fantasize about having long sex sessions but lack inspiration because your game only allows you to bag women of the doggish variety.

I’d also suggest to you Pink Kush would be beneficial in situations including but not restricted too; ménages, first times, chicks who call you “poppi”. Basically any situation where you’re liable to pop off early and are going to need re-saddle her before your reputation as rider and a cocksman lay in shambles under your flaccid member.

Also of note about the high is the fact that it’s a bit of creeper. The expansion keeps you from overindulging at first but if you’re a chronic smoker you’re still likely to roll the next one up too quickly and end up fucking yourself in the face and you’ll do it again and again even though you know you should stop. Kind of like when your getting a hummer and it feels so good you thrust forward and it feels a lot better but you ask yourself “Is that the back of her throat or her eye socket?” But your getting a hummer so you can’t really speak to ask her and all you can do is move it around a little bit to see if you can feel where your cack ended up but you can’t tell the difference. Then you started feeling bad because no body should end up blind (at least not permanently) because of a blow job but still you think to yourself “I know this is wrong but baby I’m going to have to buy you a German Sheppard because daddy can’t pull out now…Mozzletoff!”

And if that wasn’t good enough you remember she can still see out of the other eye and you won’t even be out the money for a guide dog.

God Bless OHIP.

That’s how Pink Kush makes you feel.

Thanks for your interest.



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Best damn smoke report ive read!


You rock man I love the PK also ,thats crazzier than my nut cruncher description !
I am glad you liked her sounds like you might have discovered your "holy grail"


Nurlord that shit cracked me up...and reminded me i needed to roll one off myself haha!!!


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Man I loved my Pink Kush but that is the best description ever for a strain:happy


Im glad you saved this nur from the old board! One of the best smoke reports ever imo. I just started crying over here from reading it again!

Pink Kush: for "those of you who fantasize about having long sex sessions but lack inspiration because your game only allows you to bag women of the doggish variety":love0018:


i don;t know I think it was lacking some finite details...

TOTALLY JUST KIDDING thats one of the best forum post/reports I've read in a while. Very detailed and specific.
SOunds like it was a great grow and good smoke.


Thanks everyone. This round I'm doing some on tables and some in pots. I'm about 40 days away from harvest. I'll get you all some pictures then.

One thing I will say about the curing and drying. You need to do a longer dry than I listed. doing as I did above will get you some tasty and smokable bud but the PK is so greasy that it never was dry enough to crumble in my hands. I've grown it a couple of times and it's never been completely dry. it's hard to patient though. So tasty.

I have some Viper going too. It feels like years since I grew Viper even though it's only been like 12 months. I guess you can tell I like the Viper too.


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Mine got to dry because I chopped it and then left for Amsterdam and came back to some very dry herb . It was strong and tastey though


Hey Zoo,

Going on vacation is always the best way to guarantee a good dry. Me, I was stalking around the place saying things like, "Well if it's dry enough to catch fire..." and "Well what else am I going to use the microwave for at 3 in the morning?"

In fairness to myself though I didn't grow the biggest plants so the buds weren't massive or anything.

Hey edelephant,

Anything I can do to help out a man in a luchador mask can only increase my blessings. Soon come.


nurlord, i remember reading your report on reefs boards, man it was crazy. i think it was your report that kept the thought in my head that i had to have the pk. which version did u run? the pk x bs or the backcross?

again, excellent report


After cruising around the site for the first time, I read this report and scratch my head wondering why I don't have any pink kush at the moment. I have a hard believing that I am the only one round these with the same quandary. Hell of a write up, look forward to more of this type of entertainment.



I kinda new which Pink Kush it was at one point but I've since forgotton. It wasn't the Blackseed cross however. I believe there were two other Pink Kush variants out. I'm guessing but I think mine was the very first back cross. Maybe to charles kush? It didn't seem to be around as long as the others. Thanks for reading.

I plan to be having some fun this year so hopefully I'll have some more good stories to share.


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I was literally LOL this morning, so funny, v intrersting read and so damm honest. I love smoke report s like this. Might have to get some of these seeds Reeferman.! :)

bannana man

one my pink kysh is almost dry now ,,and one to chop tomoz ,,i look forward to smokeing it


Hey ripz I've lost the pics of the harvested bud shots but I have a small PK at about 25 days into flower that I will post up in a few minutes.


Great smoke report, Nurlord... I've always liked PK... afom has grown the original cut once... beautiful... tasty... and potent... that lady got it all!
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