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Aqua Man

Aqua Man

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really hate throwing away all that nutrient water, but a water change sure is overdue. The down part is that the rez water actually looks clean and no massive buildups.
Dont need to bro... I can explain easier if it doesn't make sense.... but basically change the water once you have added back 12 gal



well explained. now i can see why the plant is doing so well even though the rez has only been topped up once. half a gallon about a week a go. I guess i am reading to much rdwc with top up valve connection. lol! thanks for the link @Aqua Man


Jan, 24th/2021 Update | Gorilla Glue
2021-01-24 11.12.17.jpg

2021-01-24 11.11.45.jpg
2021-01-24 11.11.50.jpg
2021-01-24 11.11.57.jpg

it's been about a week and half and we finally have a major water level drop.
I added another half a gallon of tap water into the rez to bring it below the net pot. Currently PH at 6.0 and ppm at 500.
I think tomorrow the only thing i will add to my rez is my enzyme. what do you think aquaman and tboh since you two are the only once here lol!

2021-01-24 11.12.10.jpg

Here is the Gorilla Glue in a 5 gallon cotton pot. It took about five days and she was back growing again from the topping she got.
I am currently feeding the soil plants with the water I saved from the last rez change and added half a gallon of water to that mix which brought my ppm to 220 and ph to 6.4
I am trying to even the canopy and top the other 3 shooters. I came across a post recently which was asking about cutting a clone and dropping it into flower to see if its a female or male? What's your take on that?

2021-01-24 11.12.35.jpg

Here is how the clone and seedling tent is doing. The clone box consist of soil and has 18 clones in which i am trying to get rooting. This is for a friend since he has no room and is going into flower. lol, its his first round and took one to many clones to figure which to keep. Not a bad idea i gotta say.
Dos Si has still not broken the ground. I'd say few more days and should be good. The Cinderella G13 and Blubbery cheez are are stretching, so, i've brought the light intensity of TS1000 to 15%
The Gorilla Glue in cube wool has no roots showing through the side yet.
Temps at 22c with 75% Rh in the tent. I am pretty sure the clone box is higher.

2021-01-24 11.07.30.jpg

I''ll leave this update with my apple plant that was topped few days ago 👍

Enjoy your Sunday farmers!!


Let the flower phase begin.
2021-02-02 15.29.54.jpg

I start off at 11/13 schedule followed to 10/13. I've also defoliated to bring more light to the bottom. She is bushy and had some big ass fan leaves.
I am also thinking to start adding terpenator in about two weeks. Thoughts?

Current veg tent thats full

2021-02-02 15.29.59.jpg


so i cut off one of the lower branches and i put it up for drying in the last few days. Here is how it smokes.

Smokes smooth, but i don't taste that fruity smell i have in the room. lol
also no chemical taste or smell neither once is burning.

It was fluffy though. I was hoping for more dense nugs.
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