Im planning to run a perpetual grow op with a friend of mine and its of a micro style were we will be using two 30gal tote boxes (one for veg and one for flower) and a smaller box to clone using the paper towel method. Each tote box can hold up to 26plants/party-cups. Their will be 60 clones at a time in the clone box.

Im aiming at 4-12grams per plant.

THE LIGHTS ARE: 5 x 24" tube lights (3 red spec for flower, 2 blue spec for veg)




Royal Queen Seeds Special Queen x 5

Sweet Seeds Sweet Afgani Delicious x 3

World Of Seeds Diamond Line Space x 1

Royal Queen Seeds Special Kush #1 x 2

Green House Seeds Big Bang x 1

Seedsman Seeds Mama Mia x 1

Reserva Privada Kandy Kush x 2

Kannabia Seeds Afrodite x 2

De Sjamaan Seeds Purple Widow REG x 12

Resin Seeds L.A. Ultra x 1

Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush x 1

Kannabia Seeds White Domina x 1

Green House Seeds Bubba Kush x 1

EVA Seeds Monster x 1

Samsara Seeds Sweet Black Angel x 1

Kannabia Seeds La Blanca x 1

Dutch Passion Purple #1 x 3

Dutch Passion Blueberry x 1

Dutch Passion Orange Bud x 1

Dutch Passion Mekong High x 1

Dutch Passion White Widow x 1

Dutch Passion Skunk #11 x1

I will run one of each seed with the exception of 5 Purple Widow to get the females out of them. This is assuming that all seeds germ which i doubt so I might loose some strains.

Is this a particle plan and can i reach a harvest of 4-12grams a plant every two weeks..?
Why no nutrients? Increase your yield for sure, probably decrease the amount of time they take to bud too. I think it would be worth the money. If its not about the money then okay.

I know some companies will send you free stuff if you e-mail a letter asking for samples. Its worked for me before.
Definetally get some nutes unless the soil you got has some time realease nutrients in it. Yes the perpetual thing will work for sure as long as you know how to stagger the plants accordingly to make the 2 week perpetual harvest work.

How do you plan on harvesting every 2 weeks? Whats your plan? Nothing negative just asking. Thanks and good luck on your micro grow and have yourself a happy growing of a day.
Thanks for stoping in guys the reason that i am not running nutes for now is that all the hydro-shops are 40 miles away but i might change my mind.

im not sure yet how i plan to stagger my plants at first so thats a work in progress cuz im still really confused with that part seeing how the veg bow and the flower box is the same size