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Not sure if this is the place to put it, but I recently acquired some property in a state where it's legal to grow. I'm going to grow 12 plants using the SCROG method. I currently have 6 760W LED H8 lights, and a 12 bucket RDWC system with 2 reservoirs (so essentially 2 6-bucket RDWC set ups).

The grow area I have available currently is in an insulated garage, and a few sealed windows. I plan on knocking out a window and making it my air exchange. I'll be putting in a 12 inch AC Infinity duct fan in, along with a 12 inch 1700CFP carbon filter as I don't want any odor escaping.

I also plan on putting in 2 walls in the garage and only using the wall of the garage with the window, and one side of the garage. I want to create a kind of "room within a room" in the garage using 2x4's and drywall. I will then either paint the grow room white or use some kind of reflective material (i.e. mylar). This is my first time growing, so if you guys think this may be a mistake please let me know. I haven't finalized anything other than the lights and the RDWC system. Still waiting to order everything else until I get a good idea if what I'm thinking of doing is plausible.

Right now the garage has an in-wall AC unit that looks ancient. I'm debating on whether I want to build my grow room around that AC opening and put in a new wall unit and use that for AC if the room needs it. Or just leaving the unit as is to keep the garage temperature in the 70's range and just putting a smaller mobile unit in the room itself. I'm in a place that snows a good portion of the year, so I think heating will be more important than keeping the place cool down the road. If anyone has experience with a build like this, I'd love to hear about it.

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