Planning your grow? How far out do you plan?

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I was in my kitchen going through my seeds to plan out my next grow. As I was organizing the seeds I bought when I was a brand-newbie, I realized I have enough seeds to grow my legal limit for quite a while. However, my point wasn't seed quantity, it was me laughing at myself for having my garden's planned out through almost all of next year.

As for now, I have a small grow in process (Mephisto Double Grape and Seedstocker Super Skunk Auto) as I participate in the 2022 Real Growers Challenge using Grow Dots and Recharge. As that is finishing up my wife and I leave for 8 - 10 days for a upper east and Canadian cruise. Thankfully, I'll have family to look out for the grow when I am gone if it is not ready to chop at the end of September.

I recently became a test grower for Rasta Jeff (Irie Gentics), so whatever I am planning I will drop in a moment's to get a chance to do a test run for him. If he doesn't assign me a grow between now and early October, my next run is going to be 4 - 5 plants (my legal limit) of his Irie Genetics (both Regulars):

(1) Space Force
(2) Sunkiss

I have Farmer Freeman ready to help me yank the males as soon as possible.

Than after Christmas (later January), I plan to run Autos:

(1) Purple Lemonade (42 FBs)
(2) Girl Scout Cookies (Oaseeds)
(3) Gorilla Glue (Herbies)
(4) Black Berry Gum (Seedstockers)

Now realize, I bought those AUTO (Fem) seeds when I was brand new and all excited about this new-found freedom (except 42 Fast Buds). Since then I have learned more about genetics and how there are some amazing breeders creating even more amazing genetics. Having said that, stepping up means much more per seed. I don't mind when I realize I am devoting about 4 months of my life to each grow. At some point you have to average out the cost of your time and quality, versus a $6 seed. Don't get me wrong, new and exciting breeders are always over the horizon and haven't earned the right to charge $10 - 20 a seed yet, even if their hard work matches a Irie, Mephisto, Humboldt or Ethos seed (to name a few).

I know, a lot of words just to ask what you have planned over the horizon ... how far out do you plan.

P.S. None of this is locked in stone. If a good deal or a free gift or whatever comes along I am happy to shift course.


I plan seed grows months in advance, then change the plan regularly until the day I germ the seeds.

I was supposed to be a tester for Irie this past spring and the seeds never arrived. I happen to have those two selections in my seed stash. I'm not sure when they'll work their ways into a grow yet.


Im 49, ill die around 85(?) and ill stop growing way before that probably. So i only have so many crops i will be able to see in my remaining lifespan....there's things i demand of myself to achieve before the end, and then there's just plain smoke i dont want to breed further.
Im hoping i leave behind 5 or 6 good legendary finds or creations, there's no "planning" that. i got my first line or 2 started now and it's going ok but that's the extent of that plan.
I've noticed I've started to have a long term view..."ok 8 months is fastest i can reasonably get to f2's on that x fl. line...."
So every one of those critical moments modifies my next move...always. it sucks, but at least im not a leaf in a hurricane anymore. I have a hand on the sail


That's the problem when you've got more seeds or strains than you're legally allowed to grow. I usually at least know what genetics I'm growing for my next run but like @mysticepipedon said that can change the day I germinate.
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