Plant leaves a bit droopy, as well as showing other signs of not doing the greatest. please help if can thank you.

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hi my plant leaves are dropping a bit, i noticed the biggest one is getting better so i didnt take any pics of it, they had a change in environment as i had them in a small grow tent, and moved them to a bigger room i had built for them, from my readings the usual issue is over/under watering but my watering hasnt really changed since they've switched rooms, also i read it could be due to it not liking the cold/heat but i usueally have them between 80-84 degrees F, anything colder then 80 just seems too cold when i walk in the room i could be wrong though, Also im worried maybe they are not getting enough oxygen in their new home. also not sure what the markings are on some leafs, hoping to heal them up as they dont got much time left in their grow. thanks for any help. I use organic slow release fertilizer, and water with oxidized dechlorinated water PHd from 6-6.5 usually around 6.3


What substrate are you growing in? I notice your leaf tips are pointing down and some are burnt. Also its looking quite dark green so I'm thinking a possible nitrogen toxicity. Also that is a little too warm try to get it down to 75 degrees if ya can :). It should be lower especially in the flowering stage! How close are your lights to the canopy of your plants?


I'm going with nitrogen toxicity. Flush well and it will be fine.


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Temps could come down, 75 is optimal, not 80, not 85, 75 f ....

I lean toward a watering issue, or perhaps pH.

Check the runoff and PPM if possible and read up on watering tables, wet dry cycles. Ph
It certainly could be a nutrient issues, but I think going though an environmental and maintenance checklist might be helpful.

Lets see some better "in focus" photo's of soil, the overall scene, and environment, and fill us in on your care routine.

I see a few turned tips, but no real obvious clawing. Looks like a water issue to me.
Are you saturating the pots well, (completely without any dry spots) and allowing them to dry?
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