plant out growing my lights ?

you need to train it so all parts of the plant are getting light. At this point depending on how old your plant is to top it. So cut off parts not in light and a little lower. Try to grow plant with V's so its bushier instead of being that tall. Also, use rope and tie-down stems so it's more horizontal and less vertical. Topping is my opinion the better method since the parts above lights are useless anyways since they won't be receiving enough energy to produce quality and bigger buds.


I'd recommend trying to sort of roll the stem where you want to bend it between your fingers, crushing it very lightly. By rolling it, you make it pliable enough to make bending easier while keeping the plant's structure intact. FWIW, I have had some Sativas outgrow the bare bulb and it actually started growing upside down. The leaves above the light level will bend downward to catch as much light as possible, but the grew well, just funky looking. Iff you can get it trained lower, though, you will be better off. If you try training and you manage to snap the branch, you can usually cut them off at the snap (If they are totally broken, not still attached as they usually survive if still attached) and put them in a glass of water or sometimes directly into a bucket of dirt, and it will root fairly quickly. No need to lose broken branches!
Perfect time to bend down the main stem and tie it so its lower than the side branches. They will grow up so most of the tops are well, on top. Called lst.

You can also pinch the stem and fold over. Called super cropping.
Super crop. There are videos on YouTube. (Watching him pop and.twist the stems was cool. )But a tjis point it's cut or supercrop.
this happen to all of use at times "those dam sativa strains and dominate hybrids", Found bending dose help with smaller / small medium branches, but for "stronger" ranches even the main "suppercrop" it this works very well (perfer this)- or tilt grow containers at a what; 45 degrees angle if you have room Good Luck - let us know how hings come out