Plant Tissue Culture?!

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I've been seeing this around alot lately so i decided to look into it a bit. There was a nice article about it in the Urban Garden Magazine and i would like to know if anyone has tried this before?

There are alot of claims of making thousands of clones in under 6 weeks with just a handful of jars and being able to give vigor back to mothers that seem to have lost it, when you clone with the PTC.

The link below claims to have produced up to 35,000 clones a week in a bedroom sized lab from ONE mother plant placed in a culture!

I'm eagerly awaiting some responses. I would really like to give this a try but i'm not sure if i'm willing to chunk away 250 bucks to something that might not be as user friendly as stated or doesnt standup to the claims that are made.


How long does it take? Seems like rooting a cutting in 5 days is still the way to go in most cases.


You have to have a totally sterile environment to take tissue cultures. Imo, it won't be worth the $.


Sonic seeds mentioned this to me while in Amsterdam, and it reminded me of university days. Use to work in an agriculture lab doing this to test crops of corn. In theory, it should work, you just have to guarantee the sterility of the environment.

I read an academic paper where they did just this, and they outlined the appropriate ratios of hormones, agar, etc. I just had it here with me in spain, but I threw it out a few weeks ago, im trying to find it online right now, ill post a link or the article if i do.

GDS StonerBoy

That would be awesome of you could post that link edelephant! Thanks for all the replies folks. I really wasnt to give this a shot. It seems as a very space saving way to keep all the mothers and clones you want.


please don't jump on me for this,as i'm just trying to help
but there is a fairly lengthy thread in another forum but
i'm not sure if it's appropriate to say where,anyway it is do-able,but it will cost you hundreds of pounds for even the most basic of equipment i.e sterile box,agar,testubes
etc From what i can gather you can expect to lose about half to mold[the trick is to keep it as sterile as possible and clean,clean,clean!!These guys were cleaning and wiping down inbetween each tube!
Little cuts of plantmatter are suspended in the solution and the growth is quite amazing to see.
At last a way of guaranteeing an og clone cut!!!Just wrap up the tube and mail wherever.
hope that didn't muddy the water too much!
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