Plants look great but low milk/mild cheese odor - happening across all strains, and for second time

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Now I realize what I have been describing as body odor is cheese . 🤔
The stuff the smells like that looks like fire ..🥳


Ok I’m reporting back in case anyone else ever has a similar problem.

I took the plats out of the garage so I can see if if they plants smell like brie or my garage or growspace.

Plants fuckin reek, but less then the cheese smell. So what is this weird smell that only appears when i’m growing?

Two possible solutions.

First i started using enzyme in my resivior. Which now looks crystal clear and and smells less musty.

Second I realized that there was a slow siphon from my res that was dripping through a vent on the floor and making a puddle under my grow space ( an insulated cabinet). I also throw cricket bait inder my grow space because thats a pest in my area, millions of crickets who eat leaves from anything. Wet cricket bait smells gross. There are 4 light trap vents on the bottom so I am sure I was sucking in stank
Feed water mixed with pest control and that wasn't helping.

I made an anti-siphon using a drip emitter in the line coming from the pump. No more siphon.

Now a week later my grow space smells like purple kush mostly, with hints of fruit cereal so all back to normal.
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