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If I can find a 600 watt LED that fit inside a 2x4 tent or even the 4x4 that my neighbor has then I would probably at least try it out and if I didn't like it just sell it. My neighbor just got a 4x4 tent and I put it together for him and then put my 400 watt MH in there, I told him he needs to buy a light by the time my harvest is done drying, and it's on day number four right now 🤣🤣 I need my light back to go into the tent that the harvest is drying in. I have three new autoflowers I'm going to try under a 400 watt metal halide the whole time. Minnesota Nice, White Widow x Gorilla Glue, and White Wedding.
White Banner I harvested on Saturday morning. Was day 76 in flower, 1day shy of 11 weeks.
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IMG 20240330 151211871 HDR
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You should be getting good yields off 800 watts in a 4x8. What's the 400 LED compared to 400 MH HPS? I haven't had the heart to tell my buddy he's running 720 watts with his 3 LEDs. He thinks he has 1800 but they're 240 each, he thinks they're 600, but I can't find one that fits in a 2x4 tent.. he's in a corner of his basement. I like the tents.
A 400w led covers a lot more than a hailde/hps to get the same coverage I’d need about 3/4 off them

What’s it’s equivalent to I have no idea however it’s definitely not x4

They say it’s roughly the same as a 600w halide/hps but I never used a 600w only 400s & 1000w

I don’t think I’d get a 600w bar type led in the 4x4 it would cause me heat problems let alone fitting

I tried 600w leds but there to big to fit two in the 8x4 not with the filter in between them. Without the filter yeah they would fit but imo the 400w work good enough.

Lol don’t let me losse in a basement I’d fill the thing right up never mind a small corner

Nice work on the white banner 👍
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