Plants Not uptakeing co2 problem/question

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I have a sealed room With a co2 burner (correct size for the room) my plants have been curling down and yellowing. week 2 flower. Watering with AN

The atmosphere is
-78F 60% during the day and 74F 60% at night
-Double ended HPS at 60% powe3-4 feet away. 380 PAR reading at
-10gal pot promix hp with 20% kings mix
-run off 6.1 600ppm
my question- is my co2 a problem?

running it at 900ppm I turned the burner off co2 off and the co2 is staying at 900 the plants are looking better but I’m confused why the co2 is not being used.

I also put a second meter the reads the same.

long time grower but hey I learn something new everyday.
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