Please diagnose my plant so she can be pretty

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I've summarised the advice as such

  • For the next round, improve the soil, compost, peat moss, manure, perlite, coco air, and as much turning and fluffing the areas as possible.

  • The leaves looks like potasium deficiency

  • Leaf miner damage, spinosad products can help in the evening.

  • Add ash nutrition

  • - Get ash but cannot be exposed to rain

  • - 1 part Ash to 5 part water

  • - stirr well

  • - Take 1 cup of this and add it to a 20L watering

  • The leaves are under attack.

  • - Spray with peppermint soap at evening, the whole plant. And top of plant

  • I need to water 2 feet out from the plant
And I've spoken to people around, they say that I've put these plants in a terrible clay. The clay shouldn't have been mixed in.
I replanted one. And I could see that it wouldn't grow out roots into the clay. I might move the others ones as well back to places where they grew well in the past. As you can see on the plants, they turn into dwarfs too.

Another mistake I suspect that I've done is that I take them out whilst they are still 2-3 weeks. They are too small to be under the sun. And they only get 12 hours of sun. I should keep them inside far longer.

Thanks to everybody in the thread, I've learned a lot of summarised and started applying the checklist.
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