Please help me identify if these ingredients of living soil are correct.

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Hell yeah, i just want to grow for my own consumption. I understand, i can do 6 months to build my living soil no problem, as far as i understand, if your soil is too hot and you have worms, then you have much less risk to nutrient burn your plant. Worms are a must according to what i've learned in these few days. I will buy the base soil and the nutrient/mineral additives, mix them, put them in 15 gallon pots, straw mulch, put them under a CFL light bulb (i guess that will be enough light to build a living soil) add red worms at some point. At the end of the 6th month, i will have many 15-pot containers with no-till living soil ready to receive some plant transplant.

I was thinking for no-till purposes, germinating the seed there and skip the transplanting. But then i worry about soil being too much nutrient rich, burning my plant, as far as i understand plants should be introduced to nutrients slowly. But then with worms, they kind of acts like nutrients stabilizers, and after 6 months of building my soil with worms, maybe i can get away with germinating the seed directly into the soil without transplanting and tilling the soil?
Got to have inert non soil elements; perlite/cork/rice husks to add drainage.


If you are worried disturbing your soil during the transplant you can put an empty pot of the same size in your soil before you plant your cover crop, then when you take it out you have a perfect slot to stick in your transplant without tillage.

If you direct sow, just make sure not to overwater and that will be fine as well.

And yes a mature soil can be nutrient rich without being hot. Quick release amendments like chicken manure are the easiest to burn your plant with.


100% soil fed can definitely be done, it can just be a little more difficult indoors because even a 15 gallon pot (which is pretty big for indoor) is pretty small compared to how big the roots can grow unbounded.

What I would recommend is to have some fish hydrolysate or something ready just in case you need it during flower. Great soil will bring you through veg no problem.
Agreed. My 1st soil grow in 10gal, subcool super soil method, I’m in week 5 bloom and a couple weeks ago I had 1 needing N and 2 needing P&K immediately. Last week 2 others were begging for more P&K also. I mixed the soil correctly but when you start separating into individual pots the ratios aren’t always sufficient. I transplanted from solo cup to 1 gal to 5 gal during veg to 10 gal 2 weeks prior to flip. Top dressed with the last of the supersoil after stretch but it wasn’t enough.
Id have bottles or have access to them just in case.
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