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Hey All.. So I started a UC System because I wanted to kill it in the game, looking at everyones threads seeing the plant growth and how easy everyone made it look I just thought I would go with it and it would be easy, but since I started my UC system ive had nothing but problems..
Ok so I'm using tap water ppm (0) ph 6.5-7.0 I live in Oregon so we have very good water.
I'm Using GH PArt 3 Nutrients ( IS this where im going wrong?)
I veg in DWC for 2 months an change them into UC for Bud

I Am currently week 3 in flower and the plants that im growing are very sick since been put in the UC System. PH throughout the whole system has been between 5.5-6.5
my first week i started ppms 1000-1200 ( WRONG )
I changed the water fast after learning that PPM is better low then High.
second week i ran ppms 500-600
this week my ppms are at 500
Right now my schedule is
Micro - 3ml/g Gro - 1ml/g Bloom 4ml/g CalMag Grow 2ml/g Dutchmaster Zone 1.5-2ml/g
My plants are getting good oxygen, and the water temps have been kept between 65-72
Im experiencing severe Root Rot and cant stop it.. Even new clean white roots that begin to explode turn brown the next day, Ive changed my res atleast 3 times since budding and since I changed it 2 days ago it still smells of stagnant..
Btw One Plant in the very front is actually doing really good, roots are brownish but white/brownish and she looks healthy. What Am I Doing WRONG?
Using 950 gph utility pump and Ecoplus 7 commercial pump. I have 9 18 gallon totes.
Should I just dump this harvest and start fresh?
I have 12 plants currently IN DWC but the roots are also turning Brownish.. What can this BE? Should I Change my Nutrient LineUP? Was thinking of trying Cultured Solutions.


A few pictures to see what im dealing with.. This is literally my worst nightmare ugh ;( any help is much appreciated.
IMG 0206
IMG 0207
IMG 0205
IMG 0208
IMG 0203


likes to smell trees.
time for some tea!!!!

2 months sounds way too long for veg man. GH micro will stain roots.
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