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Sunday Update

Too much to do and all I want to do is sit on my ass, drink beer, watch football and smoke my brains out. Such is life.

Since I have a couple hours before the games start and since I don't have any beer I guess it's time to break out the Bluedream and get motivated.

Must install lights in small greenhouse as we're moving to 12/12 quickly. I'll build a wooden 2x4" frame as the PVC house isn't strong enough for the weight and set it right on the edge of the shower pan. Then I have to finish wrapping the house.

So while I get motivated here's a few girls around the yard, all between 10-11 weeks in flower.


Moth larva eaten yet new flower growth. Makes it difficult knowing when to chop.

The others




Time to get to work! Happy Growing!


Update 9-25

Been spending the majority of my time on the coco grow but pulled a scale off my moth eaten plant the other day. Didnt see any more. Maybe it's because she's been attacked and weakened. I don't know but wasn't happy about it.

Then yesterday my wife asked me about her Star Jasmine and the black stuff on the leaves. So I checked it out and found I could just wash that crap off. Wasn't sticky and the leaves looked fine.

All the info says sooty mold is the result of one or more other pests. I didn't see any other pests.

So I was watering a Meyers Lemon tree that I've been fighting brown soft scale on and see there's been another population explosion.

They're back (scary music plays).

Hum. I've also had scale on my wifes basil and orchards in the kitchen window, 30' away from the lemon tree with a swimming pool in between.

So I just checked the Jasmine again, with my glasses this time and you'll never guess what I found.

Then I thought I better check that plant in the garden.

Found 2 of these and 1 brown.

Then I see this.

Sucks. The insect pest populations are the worst I've seen here. I'm gonna pull her down this weekend anyway. That wet spring and early summer really helped. Ants are protecting the scale so they go too. I'll pick up bait tomorrow.

My other girls are unmolested, so far. Several had 1 or 2 moth larva eaten buds but those days are over with the bt spray.

Ant poison and neem oil, for joy.

It could be worse. Happy Growing


Update 9-28

Pulled down my moth larva eaten girl early yesterday morning.

She's given me a couple oz of bud so far but the bugs got their share!

So I get up at 5am and it's raining. I check ACCU weather and it says 1% perception. It's raining. Maybe they should rename that site?

I'll run the lights all day in the greenhouse, again. I'm going to have to add some more lights in there.

It's currently 60F and my DIY seed warmer

is keeping things a comfy 76F. Round 2 seeds should be popping this weekend.

The 😍Love Birds

#1 clone from #1 plant still rockin'it.

The rest of the gang
#2 clone

#3 clone

#4 clone

Looks to be a whole gram or two on this one.😂

2 interesting pheno's I hadn't seen from this cross before.
Tall and thin

Naturally bushy

Neither plant was topped. I'll see if I can isolate both in future grows. I bet either would make a good SOG.

Horse manure plant

Hard to believe she's still with me. Almost pulled her several times in the past few months. Instead I'll be harvesting about a half oz. Thanks MasterBlend.

I would be amiss not to include my other boy

He looks spent.

Gearing up for harvest. This year I plan on taking them down one at a time, trim and hang and take the next one. Too much work to do them all together and the wife won't let me use our spare bedroom this year to dry. Said it "stinks up" the whole house so it's back to the old fashion garage dry. Perfect conditions for it today.

Brussels sprouts love this weather

All perky. A true winter crop here in sunny so cal. Grew 'em to entice the cabbage moths. Apparently the little bastards prefer weed. Can't say I blame 'em.

The one good thing about rainy days is kicking back and staying blazed. The high from this homegrown is kick ass. Almost forgot just how good it is. I've got some Lucy's Diamonds, gg4 and Willie's Sour Dawg just sitting in their containers and the bong is full of homegrown. Just one hit so far 3 hrs ago and time to take another, and 3 more. Blaze city today baby!

Happy Growing!


Update 10-3

Harvested one

5 to go. Very happy. Taste is chem, high is there. F4's in coco are growin'

Got a spent male being attacked by aphids.

Females on either side are untouched.



That boy is done and everyone in the garden knows it. Kinda neat to watch.

The so cal beaches

Took her a few days ago. Jared.

The 😍Love Birds

Gotta take some pollen from this male. She's ready to come down but I'm gonna take her last. We've bonded.😍

I think this one's next.

Straight up, no branch, full of seeds.

Pheno #1

Majority have looked like this



Happy Growing!


Yesterday was a Dundee kinda day.

Alligator lizard was trapped in the empty pool.

Then an hour later a king snake mossied across the patio.

Love seeing my mice/rat control in good working order.

Been busy and haven't pulled any plants this week so I made up for it and clipped a pair this morning.

Left a few branches to continue to mature and having a blast trimming leaves and collecting seeds (end sarcasm).

If you don't have a pair or three of these Fiskars

do yourself a favor and order one or more. Non-stick coating to boot. Rubbing alcohol to clean and sterilize.

Moved the bathtubs to the backyard.

They hold approximately 45 gallons. I can attach a pipe to the overflow and up it to 55 to raise fish and aquatic plants but those openings would allow good air flow in a dwc for lettuce and spinach and only require 20-25 gallons of water.

Coco grow is growing.

I'll have to update that page.

Best soil potted plant.

Gotta be a male. It's alway good to collect fresh pollen to keep on hand so there's that.

My crazy neighbor made me a new hammer.

Gotta put 420 on the other side.

Beautiful Sunday afternoon. 91F in the shade. Thought of working on the large greenhouse but just too hot so I'll just sit on the patio watching football, trimming leaves and staying HAMMERED!

Happy Growing!


you got a link to a good pump to run alot of 1/4 tubing/water lines???? went to set up a 55 gal water system maybe
or would a sump pump to 1/2 pvc be a better idea?????
Water heater circulating pumps with 1/2" connections work well on a timer. Lot of pressure so 1/4" drip heads won't get fouled up as often. They run about $100 but will last for years.

I'm going to order a vivosun 400 gph submersible for $20 from Amazon for the bathtubs. I doubt if it would last for pushing through small pipe/tubing but just to circulate water should work well.

I have a used circ pump from a heater I replaced last week so if I get that itch to go full blown hydro this winter I'm ready.


Update 10-10

Had a bath remodel scheduled for today but the clients aren't ready. Demo isn't done so I may have to work Saturday but, today might be a garden day. So far no one has bothered me.

Since I got the morning off I clipped a few.

More trimming, oh for joy.

I'll get these hung up in a bit. One full plant left.

The horse manure girl. She's fattening up and will come down soon.

Still have more buds to pick in the coming few days.




And let's not forget the 1-2 gram plant.

First time I've allowed one this small to continue. Too funny. Just hope the smoke is good.

While the season is winding down my coco grow is doing well and I'm starting to figure it out.

Got about 2 dozen Kratky bottles of various sizes with basil, tomatoes, lettuce, hot peppers, green beans and spinach rockin it.

I'll have to start moving the lettuce out soon.

Hoping to grow spinach all winter long.

Smart & Final had Folgers coffee on sale last week so I bought a couple. This is an older container but plan on using all I can get my hands on.

I haven't tried weed in them yet but that day is quickly approaching. My next planting in a couple weeks will include half dozen in baskets.

I really need to start work on the big greenhouse. Even though my back is aching I gotta suck it up and get this going. I've got about 3 weeks before I start moving plants into it for flowering.

Happy Growing!


I wanted to look in to kratky a while back, but just never got around to it. There was a kratky group on FB.
But I bailed on FB... It's amazing how people get addicted to FB... BUT don't smoke cannabis.

You'll catcxh the reefer madness...


Hey can someone tell me if it'll be good bud off this skinny lady ...I'm pissed I had to put her outside in the second week of flower


Your tub reminded me of this guy
I have 2 toilets I drilled and will be making planters and a small one piece toilet I'll make a birdbath with moving water.

I want to try lettuce and spinach in those bathtubs. Already measured for foam lids. Still have many hours of work to do before I can set them up.

It's 8am and overcast, time to get some work done before the heat.


I'm in Northeast pa ....I really want to get some buds off her too


I'm in Northeast pa ....I really want to get some buds off her too
You're still getting 11 hours of light a day but next weeks weather is gonna suck. Rain, cold and overcast skies. Bring her back inside, keep her warm if possible or at least a sheltered corner. That weather could finish her off.

In the future write a grow diary and keep records, even if it's just a little note pad. Get some water testers, pH & TDS. Water chemistry could be a problem. Fertilizing schedules can be found on this site and elsewhere on the web. Look for people growing in the same medium and find out what/how they're doing it. Grow more than one plant at a time. Gophers love my plants. Out of 4 in the ground this year 3 were taken down. In a pot that's not a problem but bugs can be. A magnifying glass, flashlight and lighted jewelers loop are essential to see and identify pests.

Yes, it's a weed and if left alone grow pretty good in a garden but there's many ways for us to mess them up not to mention all the different bugs and animals.

If you're only able to grow outside during spring/summer plan it out. Look at annual last frost dates and keep notes on when you'll need to have ground plots or pots ready. What medium and feeding schedule do you plan on using. Look everything up and research it all over the coming months. Now's the time if you want to plant a few in the ground. Dig up the plots and start throwing in table scraps. Once full cover with animal manure. It takes 3-4 months to breakdown and a few to fill the holes. Then all you'll have to do is plant your seedlings and water as needed.

Pop seeds inside. Cull runts/males.

Personally I hate growing in pots. On top of all the other problems plants can become root bound. Always use the largest pot you can.

All good info that I've learned but little help with your plant.
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