Poll: what would you do with this?

What would you do with this?

  • Cut it in half, make two

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  • Nothing, keep it like this

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Lol thanks man, solo cups are my bag. Been using them for years heh. I always end up with ones like this cause I can't bring myself to trash them.
flower her ass ,if i could get away with about 40 like that in a tent,id be happy enough to start growing hair again hahhaha not easy in solo cups,im serious dont trash it flower that bitch and show the cola at the end
@oldskol4evr if you like that kinda thing, check this out. My next version will be MDF coated in mylar with carpet around it and a speaker grill lol.

surprised it doesn't fall over! how many times a day do you have to water that bitch?
Hahahah..it would if I didn't water her..TWO + times a day and she sits out life in an East facing window with a shade no less..

Just smoking some of her mom's uncured bud and she definately will get the nod one way or another..either will reverse or just flower the clone..mean time I made a few reg beans of Mimosa x BOG S. Grape..Should be a hoot!