Popping beans for first time in years and getting helmet heads

Aloha guys,

I been growing from clone for years but recently wanted to try out some of the new genetics from Rado and Exotic Mike. The seeds were expensive so I ran a couple of the freebies and all of them came out with helmet heads. So I figured that I was planting my beans too shallow. So I ran another test batch but this time I planted them 1/2" deep instead of 1/4". But those beans had helmets on them too. I do not ever remember having this issue.

Here is my process maybe someone can help me identify what I am doing wrong.

1) Soak beans in RO water for roughly 24hrs
2) move to paper towel to fully germinate
3) Once the tail is showing. I plant directly into soil medium with 1/4" to 1/2" deep. I have bad fungus gnats in Hawaii so I mix some bti into the soil. (I cant see why this would cause an issue)
3) Seeds go into humidity dome with heat mat and small led light about 2ft away.

I am afraid to crack my good beans until I can figure out what I am doing wrong. This is the same system I have used since the late 90s. But like I said I have been out of the seed game for the last 5 years or so.

The only thing I can think of that might help soften the shell and the membrane would be to add some diluted EWC/coconut water tea brewed for 48rs. Could I soak the seeds and wet the soil with the tea before planting? Any other feedback or advice is appreciated. I have some killer stuff I want to smoke asap and it all starts with the beans brah! But the helmets are making me nervous and I would really prefer to not have to manually remove helmets. I have bad eyes and big hands lol!

Aloha for any feedback.
I've never had a seed I couldnt get the shell off of. Sometimes I spray them down with water to help, but I've always been able to peel the shells off after a few days.

Have you tried removing them by hand?
I wanted to try and avoid having to do so. In the past I never had to interfere. But I think I am not allowing the roots to develop enough. I have a test run that I started today. Will report back with results.