POPS is in the auction , you guys need this one

Sonic Seeds

hi guys , i had no idea bman had listed some pops ,

pops is flippin dank , i just thought i would let you lot know , she is a great yielder and a wicked taste ,

pops has my pynamite x Shiva in the mix , pynamite is uk pineapple x dynamite . then i added the Shiva , the pynamite Shiva male was used , the male took 4 weeks to drop pollen after showing flowers ,
the buds are dank . i aint saying any more than , if you miss these you are mad , the male is now dead , so you may never get this same cross as good , we got more pynamite Shiva seeds , but this one was special , it germed in the fridge .,...

i call the pynamite Shiva , shivas fury ....
bmans strains are top notch , we are listed together on other sites , as we share strains , and work together ,
you could say bman works on the more indica side of mine and his work ,

give um a try i can say you wont be disappointed


Sounds very interesting Sonic, the pictures look super dank. What kind of buzz does that hit you with?


Not tried the pops but I have sampled the Pynamite Shiva grown by bman and it's superb, as in fact has been everything I've sampled from bman.
sonic -- I saw some pics of the shivas fury, I am looking for a sativa like that as it looks very easy to trim. Are you the producer of those seeds? or who else has a killer sativa that is huge and easy to trim?