Possible magnesium def going on?

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So yesterday it was brought to my attention I might have a magnesium issue.My leaves were getting yellow on the tips and starting to wrinkle curl down on the tips (bottom 2 sets of leaves).I have Cal mag and Epsom salt which one would be better to use.I did just transplant them out of 1 gallon plastic pots in the 2 gallon smart pots they was in Ocean Forest foxfarm now that you’re happy frog because I think the ocean forest might’ve been too hot.My question is being in fresh new happy frog soil do I still need to treat the magnesium deficiency and if so should I do it with the watering or spray it.After I transplanted them yesterday I was worried to give them too much so I put 1.25 mL cal mag in a gallon and I did a very light watering on them


Water them the way you would if you worked in a nursery.

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