POTM Finalists Voting - Sep 2021

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Vote For Sep 2021 Photo Of The Month

  • @FOE20

    Votes: 35 33.7%
  • @Teslajuana

    Votes: 40 38.5%
  • @chemistry

    Votes: 29 27.9%

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It was a hard pic for me. F0E20 had my vote because of his frosting. But then I look again at Telsas, and was like that color lol.. Omg.. So yea tough choices all around. I imagine FOE will have the night night one hitter and Teslas will give you that energy lol.. I imagine FOE would have the higher testing due to frosting. You can practically smoke his fan leafs lol..

Anyways gj yall.. Take my vote with a Grain of salt.

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