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Hey all,

This seedling just popped through this AM. I've got it planted in happy frog soil and I'm following the fox farm feeding schedule by using big blood, tiger bloom, and grow big when it's time to feed. I just ran 3 sour stompers and one fruit by the foot, and the first sour stomper was perfect, really dense buds. The following three plants each yielded close to 2 ounces each, but the buds weren't quite as dense. It's a really good smoke, the bud structure just isn't as pretty as I would like.

Lastly, the last sour stomper I had, had about 8-9 massive colas the size of my hand, but the hairs never turned amber, and i waited weeks past the projected time window. They just seemed to stop at a certain point.

Is there anything else that's proven to work in terms of avoiding those issues and helping me to get more dense buds? Or is this simply an issue of over or underfeeding?

Thank you!!
Pound town auto

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