Powder Mildew: EO Solution, organic

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Hey everybody, not sure if this is in the right spot, but here goes...

I’ve been using essential oils for just about every garden issue I’ve had for the last 3 years, from fungus to mites and in between.

This morning I was reading some research papers and they did a control study on essential oils with powdery mildew, and they concluded that ginger oil at 0.1ppm was most efficient, followed by cinnamon oil, and then clove.

I have been using tea tree oil, with a 20% chance of burning my plants every time, with little knowledge of ginger being useful.

I plan to try this next time I have an issue, just thought I would pass this along to anyone and everyone I can, I’ll post the paper down below and you can get your own opinion of things.

Om Shanti 🕉

:NOTE: - they also used something called Kemeh Zein as a surfactant. Pretty sure it isn’t organic, but I’ve just used 1tsp of Dr. Bronners 18 in 1 Hemp Castile Peppermint Soap, in a gallon of water, and it has worked great.
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