Pre Planning Potting Up in Coco

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G13 Feminizied Photo (Canuk Seeds)
2 gallon fabric pot w/ coco/perlite 70/30
EC 1.2 pH 5.7-6.0 once per day
Approx 26°C, 45% RH

This girl needs a bigger pot since I dont currently have the time to water more than once a day. I'm going to move her into a 5 gallon fabric pot and I'm going to do it as low as I can to bury as much of the stem as possible. This girl really likes to stretch out so height is going to be an issue when it's time to flower.
Is there anything I can do to promote roots growing from the newly covered stem? When taking cuttings for cloning it's important to have the inner tissues exposed as that's where the roots sprout from so i was wondering if i should cut away the outer layer just before repotting. Has anyone ever tried this before or have any tried and true suggestions for promoting new root growth from the stem?
Pre planning potting up in coco
Pre planning potting up in coco 2
Pre planning potting up in coco 3


I'd suggest not damaging any bark. plant her deep but don't mess with it.

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