Pre-veg leaves turning light green , later on burn and whole plant follows

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Hey! I need some help here please.

Plants are 6 weeks pre-veg in 1 gallon pots, a little late but soon was planning on plant in bigger pots. You will see from the pictures that roots are brown and probably rotten, leaves started to turn light/lime green , little burn on the edges and some flowers as you can see burned as whole. soil is 707 , runoff was 1120 ppm (700) , ph 6.5 , greenhouse, temperatures were pretty high, 100-110 inside. 1 day food(Humboldts Secret, lower dossage ) , 1 day water . treated with Verde NPK , both foliar and soil ( since I thought it was deficiency of the 3 honestly, since the food doesnt have much of them). Any suggestions, or questions since I missed to add more info.. Thank you
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

Man that rootball looks dry. In my limited experience that happens when you under water and the soil pulls away from the pots. Also those black pots bet hot because they don't breathe well which means no evaporate cooling. I'd say it's most likely them temps

Oh and by the way throw away your ppm meter it's not an accurate measurement of nutrients in you soil... thats an organically amended soil. I'm not an organic grower but hanging around here I get some insight into it and if anything that ppm would be low.

In the heat you may have to water a couple times a day. And try to keep a bit higher humidity through those temps... maybe some shade also.
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