Preparing for my first outdoor grow

Alright, I got my first indoor grow out of my way. I have a second run going. My first grow was Girl Scout cookies by fastbuds. Grown under two viparspectra 600s I got 64g, 70g and 115g off my three plants. I now have their Pineapple Express and stardawg going. 2 of each.

So far I’ve grown in coco. I enjoy it because I obsess over my plants it gives me a reason to spend some time with them every day with feeding.

Preparing for outside I picked up Gaia green all purpose and power bloom dry organic amendments. I just don’t know if I should grow outdoors in coco or soil or maybe a mix? Can I use the soil from my raised garden bed or should I purchase some new fresh soil?

It can get very hot where I live so I’m nervous about how fast the coco might dry out. I have no issues watering every day.

And s finak question. Nutrients regarding finished product like terminator. Curious how people feel about those nutrients, bud candy etc. Any recommendations I could try on my current grow?