Problems in Happy Frog soil... trying organic

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Thank you in advance for looking at my post!

Hello, I want to flip to flower soon, so I need to get these problems corrected... I want to get some opinions/advise before I act.
Trying to grow organically in Happy Frog..
I took them out of the grow-tent for pictures.

I had a clear magnesium deficiency early on, but presumably got that corrected a few weeks ago with a dose of epsom salt (1 tsp/gallon of water)

Now these new issues have crept up suddenly over the last 10 days.
The lower leaves are showing various nutrient problems, and the tops are also beginning to lose color

I assume there is a phosphorous problem, but how do I quickly treat it organically? Do you suspect any other issues?

7 weeks in to veg.
Happy Frog soil (6.5 pH), added Perlite
Watered with a mix of RO and tap water, added RealGrower's Recharge
Lightly amended with worm castings and a small amount (1/2 recommended) Dr Earth 4-4-4 dry amendment.

Temps are around 68F lights off, around 78F with lights on
Humidity stays between 45 and 65
Plenty of light, air exchange and circulation in the tent
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