Problems making the leap from dirt to hydroponics

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I am growing indoors with a 2 booth perpetual grow. I have been using the full Advanced Nutrients Sensi- blend feeding system with all the boosters. I have had great success with my dirt grows. I tried to grow hydro via bubble buckets. First attempt was a sewer. I knew nothing of the need for water temp management at the time so, All three plants died from root rot within 3 weeks of starting veg. Next attempt I tried using hydroguard. the new plants seemed to grow well for a few weeks but all died from the rot inside of 5 weeks. Finally I had added chillers to each of the buckets. everything seemed fine. I had one plant made it to 3 weeks from harvest. Then, within 12 hrs of one another, all 3 plants contracted the pythium and died within 48 hrs of first signs of it.

is it the advanced nutrients that’s doing this to me? I’d love to learn how to do more than just “paint by numbers” when it comes to feeding. The A.N. has a feeding chart per week so to take the guess work out. Plus it doesn’t require use of: ppm or ph meters. I have a set. I just have little understanding how to use them for determining feeding for cannabis. My point being, I am dumb when it comes to the specifics. But, I definitely want to learn As much as I can.
I’m, sure these are all playskool level inquiries. I would be grateful if I could be pointed to a resource or two so I could expand my understanding. The results I was having on this last run were stupendous (right up til it died 🤷‍♂️). I’d love to have at least one successful hydro grow. This repeated failure is stealing my motivation.

I’ve got the gear. I just need to increase the know-how.
any and all advice, input or direction is GREATLY appreciated.
thanks all.

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