Process For 1.9 Cf Oven?

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hey everyone..

I just got a ai 1.9cf oven and don't really have any experience with it so I was curious what kinda process other people use with it.

Just the basics would help so I can go from there and learn my own techniques.

Thanks for any help its highly appreciated.


Whose 1.9 oven?

Put the raw oleoresin in a thin film in a parchment tray, in the oven, preheated what ever temperature it takes to bring the material on the shelf to 115/120F. You can determine the control offset by letting it soak for an hour and then quickly opening the door and checking with a heat gun.

Place the material in the oven and allow it to soak until it melts and then start pulling vacuum. Stop every time the bubbling becomes rapid and allow to settle down at that vacuum level, before proceeding down to -29.5".

When it no longer reacts at -29.5", take it out and flip it, before repeating the above procedure. Pull it out when the random sized and larger solvent bubbles cease, leaving only a few small fizzy CO2 bubbles along the edges.
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