Promix and AN HELP! Can anyone identify this ? saltbuildup? deficiency? Moisture stress?

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-Promix hp 1gallon
-Ph 5.8-6.2 (last thing checked)
-AN MICRO GROW BLOOM 20ml/5gallon
-Just added Big bud and bud candy 30ml/5gallon
-Voodoojuice 30ml/5gallon
-Added a little bit of silica and liquid seaweed to my last water
-Day 7 flower
-Water till lots runoff when dry
feed every water
dire wolf

dire wolf

Maybe feed half or skip a feeding , get a loop to inspect for mites , just as a precaution , whatever you are doing , keep doing it

The plants look excellent for a beginner, i would just ease up on the nutrients

Are they in 1 gal container ?
How tall are they
What type of light ?


They are in 1 gallon under 2x600W HPS at about 30inch from tops, and pushing the size limit at 2feet but i didnt top these much at all and this strain doesn’t stretch much so i figured id try a run like this with a few, i have these other girls in 3gals aswell doing great feeding 30ml/5gal instead under 600w MH flipping next week also have a few weird brown spots and dying lower growth but i think its just lack of light, they are a little over 2 feet but bushy. I wanted to add a foliar spray for pest preventation like aloe verra,silica,liquid seaweed and maybe neem oil
dire wolf

dire wolf

Hey bailgrow,
This isint your first grow ?
They look amazing , seriously , im not sure that i can recommend anything , the medium looks a little dry , but you must have a good watering schedeule to get to this point.
What strain are they ? Are they feminized seed ? Clones ? (They look like clones)

I would get a loop / magnifier and check around to look for tiny mites , but im sure you dont have them...
Looks like something was eating one of your leaves ?
Get a magnifier glass , jewelers loop, or anything on ebay / amazon to check...
You know look under leaves for black dots....

I use neem oil when i see a mite problem begining , but if you want to you can give them a preventive spray , do you know how to mix neem ?

1 gal is a little small for your set up , i like your light choices , do you have heat under control, that can be an issue if you dont have enough clearence above...

I would lay off the foliar spray, you have enough going on , you can fall into the" loving your plants syndrome " if not careful,
Just read your plant like your doing

I dont think your leaves got crunchy from light deprivation, i think dry or a bit of nute burn , make sure you stay on top of your watering, they are going to drink a lot and fast in 1 gal pot, give em a break every , maybe 3rd watering and just use plain water , just read them and see if they refresh or like that....

Otherwise looks good so far, do you have adequate air flow ?
Also if it was me, i would trim out a bit of the large lower leaf thats not getting light....
Just a few here and there , dont go nuts.....
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dire wolf

dire wolf

Also , you said you didnt top them "much"?
They look pretty branchy to me , did someone come in and pinch them when you werent looking 😊


Hey dire thanks for the reply and advice!
They are clones from a mother i had.
The strain is from a local grower i know who breeded it, i forget the cross tho👎🏻 The holes i bealive started from some ph fluctuations, but idk if this is possible? I have loops and stay on the lookout👀
Im on my third grow and still getting use to proper watering habits(pot weight and water amount), i usually water by weight, when they are very light just at the point of drooping, i water about 2L in the 1G and about 6L in 3G. Gives enough for runoff but sometimes they still tend to give that overwatering claw for 1hour or so, thinking its simply watering too fast. As for neem i have everything i need here for a good spray (aloe/silica/neem) and the neem is pure organic 100% cold pressed but i still fear it could burn because its not horticultural. Flowering Day temps go up to 77 . night temps 65. Rh 30-40.
Veg room lights 24/0, 75-79, rh about 50.
Lots of airflow.
Maybe i get a little pinchy sometimes when i see shoots too tall for the others😂
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