**prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

what's up farmers? just wanted to give you a peek at my outdoor grow in cali. they were larger but put out in end of march it was raining alot to early they started blooming. so threw new patch out hope they grow larger.

chemdawg#4 & madman og


royal kush
white bubba wrinkle leaf pheno or to much nutes??what do u think???

lower branches dont have wrinkle only new growth.

dj short's blueberry

turbo clone 48
all four patches were a pain to dig all on edge of canyon terrain no bobcat all shovel im happy its all done. 3 ft. deep. only a few one gallon sunk in ground.(white widow x hash plant)
most of them are clones...
madman og - chemdawg #4- blockhead- royal kush- u2 kush- pre98 bubba- dj shorts blueberry- sour grapes- white russian- casey jones- bannana kush- gdp- purple xtreme-blackberry bubba-cherry kush- strawberry cream-white ak berry(whiterussianxshiskagum)
seeds- (ograskal)-white bubba- kksc x the white - fire og - (thecaliconnection)-grass knuckles v2 - alien og -aliendogv2- julius ceasar......

xX Kid Twist Xx

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looking very good bro excellent job. as for the plant i dont think its nutes the plant looks very happy. is this plant from seed? by this i mean how old is it. seed plants can get wind burn alot easier then older plants. is it very windy up there? could the top have snapped or been bent over, maybe it just died off after it was pinched for super cropping? just some ideas. good luck i cant wait to see all these strains in flower

Tobor the 8th Man

Nice work and it certainly will be worth the effort come harvest. I hope you stick around to show us the final results.
white bubba (ograskal) fem. seeds started indoor had crinkle in begining. maybe aclimation indoor to outdoor? never cut top only cut lower branch clones..it now looks like new growth dont have mutant crinkle leaf. maybe hot weather its been over 100 degrees daily. thanks for input fellow farmers: kidtwist - tobor the 8th man
real busy but will try to give update pics...thanks SB805KUSH....
few update shots


help? very vigerous.still going to keep alive just didnt know if this is common for this strain?Ograskal's fem. whitebubba!
update shot, been busy battery died while taking pics. i will update pics on other patches soon.thanks..:stonedsmilie:

more updated pics. i wish i didnt have two jobs and indoor/outdoor 215 grows. i would give better update pics of each strain instead of landscape view. im a seed/strain whore so i need two jobs, its ok i have insomia.... :stonedsmilie::stonedsmilie: :sad0071:

i should have made a BIGGER redwood raised bed. its 8 x 12 i should have made it at least 15 x 15. better than nothing.overgrown box.new pics tommarrow.thanks.