**prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

thanks pandaman,thread pretty boring until monster candy colas appear..here's a few pics of some of the stems at the base...

white russian

fire og

blackberry bubba kush

white russian x shiskagum
dj shorts blueberry
royal kush
chemdawg #4

more mixed pics
You've got a great grow going on :). I'm so jealous of you guys who can grow outdoors. That "Play-Pen" you got going looks really nice, I choked when I saw the Mesh over your girls.

Outdoor SCROG!

How crazy would THAT be?!?

Keep up the great work, I don't envy all the trimming you'll have to do but I'm sure you won't mind when you have several pounds of dank curing lol! Buy a Hedge Trimmer!

thanks pandaman, nor cal had a small rain storm pass by, so i figured i build a greenhouse top while it was sprinkling instead of last minute during oct/nov hail and hard rain storms. SCROG will help with wind snaping.need to get better camera to take nice zoom shots.sorry farmers for poor quality pics. and exuse my double pics in thread.
Looking very nice my friend. That blueberry is going to get huge on you. did the white fire ever straiten out? and btw nice fence:)
starzandskarz that thc gold is extremely potent! highest level thc % i had so far but kush caviar was close.
CheechWizard my dj shorts blueberry is still in early bloom compared to others,she will stretch more.
i wish i had white fire i only have fire og clone, and its straight up towards sun. my pics suck and have to tilt head to see.sorry my box is on a steep slope.
thanks farmers for checking in more updates to come soon....