Proper Sizing for a UC system

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I accidentally posted a thread in the DIY section, Would like some more input.

I am in the process of designing a UC system for my next grow. I am currently only working with two 600w and would like the system sized correctly.

My current design consists of
4 5gal containers with 2gal net pots
20gal res
1/10hp chiller
4 flexair diff
600gph mag drive pump (150gph per plant)
Pond master ap60 pump
3" pvc piping

Is everything sized correctly or do I need a stronger air and water pump?

From what I have read a 10gal container for the plant will usually support a 4lb tree, so theoretically 5gal containers should be enough to support +1lb plant in the future, am I correct in thinking this way?

motherlode suggested moving down to a smaller pump to reduce clogging.

What size pump would be a proper size?


this is a repost - bro if you want more input maybe just BUMP your original post - this makes no sense since its in the same forum and having 2 threads on the same subject is confusing for some of us who are really high at times cruising the boards

a repost is a repost and a mod prolly will delete this thread

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