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Hash Master

I am organizing a protest outside Parliament, starting on the 19/10/09 at 11AM. Me and my friends are planning to smoke cannabis all day and are prepared to be arrested! I am going to contact media outlets and tell them of our plans so hopefully we get some coverage.

Everyone is invited though i must insist on it being peaceful, anything else but peaceful would only dampen our cause. My aim would be for thousands of people to join us, though any amount of support would be appreciated.

The only stipulations are:
1, You fetch your own supply!
2, You are prepared to be arrested!
3, This is a peaceful protest!

Hopefully we can make the public and MP's get behind us to get these draconian laws changed, as in there current form they are a breach of The Human Rights Act.

Thank you for all your support


The thought is noble, and I'd love to join you, but I just don't have the balls!

I've been nicked outside the houses of Parliament for taking photos, so smoking a j is definitely going to land you in the back of a van, and a few hours down Paddington Green or somewhere.

I fear that unless there's a significant number of you doing it, you'll not get the message out, and will come across as a few dopey idiots just smoking in front of the police (i.e. getting nicked without getting the message out or making any difference).

Best of luck. Get as many bagseeds as you can in your pockets and sprinkle the lawn opposite generously....I'd love to see that turned into a weed field :)



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Its is also a basic human right not to be walking into a big cloud of cannabis smoke. This is a very very flawed idea.

Not only could you get arrested for possesion and have your house turned over. I believe there is a law for protesting within a mile of parliament without prior consent - so risk of further charges.

Smoking in public will be an outrage to the public so you also risk being charged under the public order act.

But what most worries me is as FF states, the public will not back you and this is what you want. Youll come across as a stoner idiot with hardly any common sense. And will probably do the cause of medical cannabis some harm.

Imo, this is tantermount to rolling down to your local knick, skinning up and smoking whilst editing the pictures of your current crop on your laptop. Unless your Howard Marks or 100 + strong - I really would not go ahead.

Its all about gaining the publics trust so not only us stoners are pressing the cause. If we do not have support of the public by showing them we can be grown up and serious about these maters, then what chance have we?

Hash Master

The idea is to have 100's there, the more the better. I'm sick of feeling persecuted, I want to stand up for what i believe in (and I go the balls to do it). Nothing is happening on the cannabis front (well very little). I think is time to make some real noise, not just sit back waiting for someone else to do it.

The way our government handles the drug issue is a disgrace, it's not even open for debate. We are supposed to live in a democracy for peat sake, there is nothing democratic about a group of crooks (MP's) who fiddle our country out of millions, telling me i can't use or grow a plant. And thats all it is at the end of the day a plant.


Some of the laws in the world are an outrage, I don't think anyone here will argue that. And history teaches that the only way to enact change is to take risk and do something someone will think stupid.

However I would seriously consider changing it to a cannabis free protest if you don’t get the numbers you need.

Hope ya get some positive media man, It is the peoples duty to challenge government.
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