Purple Haze? Is It Worth It?

Ive acquired a load of purple haze seeds, however I have a limited grow space and don't want to fill it up with shit bud? Or waste my time growing shit bud.
I haven't smoked purple haze for 15 years, I was in school. What's everyone's views on purple haze now?
I bought some from a dispensary 2 months ago, it's nothing special.
When you've grown/smoked stuff from the best breeders in the world, it's hard to be impressed.
Can't go wrong with what's for sale on the seed store here, it always blows me away unlike everything else.


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no way of knowing that what you were sold as PH from a dispo is actually PH. Lots of skullduggery in the dispos.. Big scam down here now is taking shit mid or low grade bud and dousing them with terpene extracts to make em smell good. Some of my bros resort to dispos when I am in between harvests and I won't smoke their purchases. With 40 + years of smelling strains and terps it is easy for me to spot a adultered strain being misrepresented. It happens a lot here. :(
These seeds came from up the road to me, someone got 200 and gave me 20. im a bit skeptical but maybe ill be pleasantly suprised, I'm gonna go for it!