QB96’s or strips or ????

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Hey Everyone. So I have been trying to decide on the best setup for lights for my next grow. Right now I am in day 32 of flower so another 30 days to go before harvest. Right now I am using a 600w HPS for this grow but I want to switch to a diy led. Could I get some input and suggestions on my 2 options?
Going to grow 1 plant and plan to scrog. Will be a 3x3 custom built room or 4c4 tent that I have now.

1st option is 4 QB96’s and maybe some Qb132’s or? I want to use for both veg and bloom and I believe I need some more blue spectrum when using the 96’s? Would build a aluminum frame myself.

Option 2 Is using 2’ strips. This is where I am having the hardest time figuring what ones to use. Waaaaaay to many options and honestly I would take the advice from you guys on here as to what ones to order. Again will build the frame myself.

Option 3. All out crazy hienze57 setup. Open to all options here.

HLG drivers would be nice if possible. Dimmable as well. I have potentiometers on the way already.

I hope this is enough info to get us started? Budget wise? Probably around 400-500 Canadian dollars. Frame work and materials will not be included in this price. I have most of the stuff I need already to work with.

Thanks all :)
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