Question about Rock Resinator and other things...

Up until now I have been using Rock resinator along with liquid kool bloom at the start of the 2nd week of flower and finished off with kool bloom and rock resinator the last 3 weeks. I told someone else this and they basically said its the same thing, I've had good results with the bud hardening and finishing fat but do notice a lot of fox tailing. Is rock and kool bloom the same thing?

I want to switch over to the hammerhead/moab combo and try that out but I was wondering if I could also throw some rock in there just to add density or would that just be way too much K? I plan on halving my base, lowering hammerhead and doing 50% of the recommended moab dosage because I cant afford to lose my ladies at this point.

I was just curious as to what roll Rock actually plays in the scheme of things. Is it just an additive that hardens the flower? Is it like liquid kool bloom or hammerhead in which you just use at week 2 of flower and stop 5 weeks later? Or is it like kool bloom or MOAB and supposed to just be used as a finisher?

I tried researching before asking but I just found a lot of inconclusive jumbo about how it just works with no explanations as to why or what...

I appreciate any information anyone can provide, thank you..
When rock first hit the stores by my house they flew out a rep from Australia.I talked to him for Awhile got tons of samples and ran it a bunch of times.Rock resinator is your blossom builder and finisher.Use for building use 4ml a gal then as a finisher the last 2 weeks double the strenght to 8 ml a gal,I asked him a question similar to yours he said no dont mix cause all your doing is doubling up the salt content in your media,and well you shouldnt need to mix to bloom boosters together really no need I would think it would sky rocket your ppm's but rock is a builder and finisher just like anyother brands I couldnt tell a differance between at all between rock,big bud,beastie bloomz or L.kool bloom it all a market gimmick just raise p/k with any brand youll be fine
Thanks a lot, thats exactly the answer I was looking for. Guess that makes sense since their whole line is basically 2-3 part veg combined into one solution, 2-3 part bloom combined into one solution, and rock is basically the blossom builder and finisher...
Hey Ninja the secret ingredient to rock resinator is tricontanol. You can actually make your own, but it's probably just as easy to buy it.
Good lookin! Been doing research on Rock Resinator and looking how to implement it into the next run - appreciate the look out! Been following you for a minute & you are one of my biggest inspirations - so knowing you rock with it & Devin Da Dude does too, is enough convincing that I need. Lol. That LA Made Mac, Caps Cut is one of my favorite smokes btw, word is bond 💯💯✊🏽